How You Can Help

Helping carry supplies to Roan Mountain

Jeff Campbell, carrying 20 pounds of dog food up the mountain for Bigdog

Jeff Campbell
Carrying 20 pounds of dog food up the mountain
for Bigdog

Much, MUCH manual labor is involved in having the goats up on Roan Mountain for the three months through the summer. Everything from the flexible fencing, to fence poles, to the dog food feeder, to the goats mineral feeder, to the water tub, and lots more things need to be carried from Carver's Gap up to the goats' paddock area in the spring, and then back down in the fall.

Each week through the summer, a 20 pound bag of dog food needs to be carried up the mountain for Bigdog. To the right you see Jeff Campbell helping with that.

All through the summer, water needs to be hauled from a nearby spring to the water trough in the goats paddock.

Jamey has the specialized backpack to carry water, as well as one to carry dog food, so all you need to bring are muscles!! If you can assist with any of these items, please email Jamey at