Our People

Many, many people are involved in making the Baatany Project the unique, ongoing project that it is.

Jamey Donaldson

Jamey Donaldson is the main "face" that most folks who have hiked up to Roan mountain to see the goats are familiar with.

Todd Eastin

Todd Eastin provides care for the goats through the entire year, both when they are up on Roan, as well as providing the goats' winter home and care at his farm in Shady Valley.

Friends of Roan Mountain

The purpose of Friends of Roan Mountain is to foster greater awareness and understanding of the natural, historical, and cultural significance of Roan Mountain. Members support the organization's interpretive and educational programs and activities which are designed to accommodate a wide range of interests. Membership is open to amateur naturalists, scientists, agency personnel, teachers, students, or anyone who has an interest in and love for the Roan.

The Friends of Roan Mountain sponsors Naturalists' Rallies during four weekends each year. The Spring Naturalists' Rally is the last weekend in April. The Youth Naturalists' Rally (Xtreme Roan Adventures) is the last weekend in July. The Fall Naturalists' Rally, is the weekend in September that follows Labor Day. The Winter Rally falls on a Saturday in mid-February.

The Friends of Roan Mountain also supports Roan Mountain State Park in its naturalist and environmental mission, as well as scientific studies and conservation and restoration projects on the Roan.


In our section presenting our goats, reference is often made to "one of Trudy's goats". Trudy was a goat owner in northern Virginia who donated 19 goats to begin the Baatany Project because she wanted to give them a retirement plan rather than send them to the meat market. The Project has promised to provide for them (and their offspring) for the rest of their natural lives.

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