Items of Interest from the Media and Jamey

Baatany Project in the Media

Article in Our State Magazine

Writer Leigh Ann Henion and Photographer H. Scott Hoffmann

During the June, 2015 herding up to Roan, the normal component of volunteers was joined by writer Leigh Ann Henion and photographer H. Scott Hoffmann, seen in the photo above.

Those of you who were there may recall that almost half the goats decided to take an all day detour on their way up to Jane Bald.

Our State has just published the article which Leigh Ann wrote for them on the events of that day. Combined with Scott's fabulous photographs, they have provided readers a wonderful first-hand account of that memorable herding. Many thanks to Our State magazine for providing the link to this story for us.

The Goat Whisperers of Roan Mountain, from Our State, April, 2016 issue.

Other Items of Interest in the Media

Anyone who has been involved with the Baatany Project over the years already knows goats are special creatures. Here's a recent article that highlights research done in England which showed that goats have the ability to interact with humans, much like dogs do.

Miscellany from the Goatherd

Régis Pluchet, Eliane Norman, and Jamey atop Round Bald April 11, 2014

Jamey has the idea that Roan is a place where much of the world, or at least the world's knowledge / wisdom, will come passing by if you slow down and give it the chance.

Conversations with thousands of Roan's visitors do nothing to dissuade this idea. As a botanist he has taken special delight in meeting descendants of botanists and other scientists who visited Roan in ages past:

Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg (November 17, 1753 - May 23, 1815, German-American) who's descendent really did inherit Muhlenberg's nose.

Alexander Garden (January 1753 - April 15, 1791, Scottish) whose descendant(s) lives in middle Tennessee.

André Michaux (March 8, 1746 - October 11, 1802, French).

The most recent encounter was with Régis Pluchet, the legendary botanist André Michaux's 6th generation descendent (great-great-great-nephew) who enjoyed an 8 day tour of areas visited by his ancestor. With him were interpreter Eliane Norman and Michaux scholar Charlie Williams. Michaux was the first formally trained botanist to visit Tennessee. April 11-13, 2014, were visits to sites of local interest.

Friday April 11: Round Bald on Roan Mountain which Michaux first visited in 1789 with local guide Martin Davenport. See photo above: Régis Pluchet (left), Eliane Norman (middle), and Jamey atop Round Bald April 11, 2014, with AF Mark's spruce trees in background. Photo by Charlie Williams (used with permission).

More about Michaux at Roan in the Spring, 2006 Friends of Roan Mountain Newsletter (article on page 1), and their Spring, 2012 Newsletter (article on page 5).

Saturday April 12: Régis was the guest of honor at the André Michaux Day at Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site in Johnson City which Michaux visited in 1795 & 1796:

Sunday April 13: Régis visited Grandfather Mountain which Michaux visited on August 30, 1794. See this article from the online edition of the Watauga Democrat newspaper.

New Videos

Jamey has produced a couple videos to have viewers get to know goat #170. This goat is the oldest male who was on Roan in 2015, and the only goat who has been on the mountain all 8 years of the Project. Jamey actually does most of the talking ;-), but he does a great job introducing this fine goat! (If the videos below are not viewable, you should be able to view it here).

Videographer Lesley Platek of LIFEfilms has made a delightful video highlighting what goes on during a herding up the mountain, and highlights the many volunteers who come to help. (If the video below is not viewable, you should be able to view it here).