Roan Mountain's Gray's Lily

Gray's Lily

Photo by Brenda J. Wiley

Roan Mountain is well known for its beautiful rhododendrons and flame azaleas that bloom each June, bringing many visitors to the mountain. Another plant which brings visitors to the mountain is the Gray's Lily (Lilium grayi). This spectacular and rare flower has been significantly affected in recent years by a fungal pathogen.

Joe Powell, an undergraduate honor student at ETSU, started the recent lily research on Roan, studying plants from Jane Bald to Grassy Ridge, in 2010. Russell Ingram picked up the research for his ETSU master's thesis.

Both of these papers are available for download.

Powell, Joseph, "Impacts of Goat Browsing and Disease on Lilium Grayi, Gray's Lily, on Roan Mountain." (2011). Undergraduate Honors Thesis Series. Paper 16.

Ingram, Russell J., "Cause and Impacts of the Early Season Collapse of Lilium grayi (Gray's lily), on Roan Mountain, TN/NC" (2013). Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 1190.