How You Can Help

Goat Sitting

Tent on Roan Mountain
Jamey stays on the mountain with the goats Sunday afternoons through Friday afternoons. Goat sitters are needed to fill in for him from Friday afternoon till his return on Sunday.

If you are someone that would enjoy 48 hours of camping on Roan Mountain, please contact Jamey at You need to supply all your own supplies (tent, sleeping bag, food, etc.) A bear-proof container for foodstuffs is provided.

Duties include doing a "head count" of all the goats several times a day, checking the fence line, answering questions from hikers who pass by, and mostly just "being present" in case of any problems with the goats. Emergency phone numbers are provided to goat sitters should any problems develop.

As of now, we have all the weekends covered for the 2014 season. But let Jamey know if you are someone who could be called on at the last minute should a planned goat sitter have to cancel, or if you could assist during the week.