Our Dogs

Gypsy and Nanook



Two new dogs join the Baatany Project in 2015 .... Gypsy and Nanook.

Gypsy was found skinny, scared and wandering the streets (or street?) of Shady Valley in 2012, around age 1, when Todd and Lynn took her in and put her in a pasture with goats and fattened her up. She has not always been treated kindly before she was taken in and lacks confidence, and perhaps that is why she is so dedicated in her efforts to stay close to people! She is very much "on trial" on the mountain and we are hoping she will take a cue from Nanook and settle in well with the herd. Gypsy is the first Maremma breed to go to Roan.



Nanook is 8 years old and has been a "Guard Dog" in various locations on the Eastin farm for the past 6 years when she was donated to the farm from an owner who could not care for her. This will be her first time on Roan as she has been a dedicated guardian of not only goats (when she is willing to stay in the fence) but also of Todd's grandchildren that live adjacent to the main pasture. Nanook is an extremely gentle and loving animal and despite her adoration of humans stays well with the goats and is an attentive, nocturnal presence. Nanook is the smallest dog to have worked on Roan, but makes up for that with her athletic abilites that come from being a Huskie/Great Pyrenees cross.





Bigdog has been providing guard duty in the same pasture at Todd's farm for years. He joined Baxter for his first summer up on Roan in 2013. It was a new experience for him and after a bit of adjustment (dealing mainly with figuring out how the self feeder worked) he and Baxter worked well together. Blessed with an exuberant personality, Bigdog appears to be a Great Pyrenees/English Sheepdog mix (Todd and Lynn took him in as a stray adolescent).

Then in 2014, he provided solo watchdog duties for the goats.

He is now enjoying retirement on Todd's farm.

Jamey has written about the Legend of BigDog ... do stop by and take a listen!

Bean and Baxter


Bean (photo above) and Baxter (photo below) were the first two watch dogs for the herd of goats. Littermates, they were born in the summer of 2007, and lived with the goats year-round: on Roan Mountain for the 3 months through the summer, and the rest of the year at the goats' Shady Valley, TN home.

Bean died in December of 2012, and Baxter died in June of 2014, just a week shy of joining the goats on Roan for his and their 7th year on the mountain. Until Bean's death in 2012, the two dogs had never been separated except one time when Baxter was sick as a puppy. Of the two, Bean was the irrepressible goof who was more interested in people (especially ladies) and their dogs than in keeping a close eye on the goats - that was left to Baxter.

We are going to miss them both.