Blue Shoe

Blue Shoe

BLUE SHOE is in a class by herself and not just because she isn't an Angora. She is a Nubian (mom) and Boer (dad) cross and started life as a milk goat in Shady Valley but was only milked once.

Early in life she had an abscessed hoof which was drained, and her hoof needed daily soaks in a rubber bootie while it healed ... and the rubber BLUE SHOE became her name.

She was sick another time and lost a lot of weight but you sure wouldn't know that when seeing her on the balds. She is a very big goat, taller and wider than the others and weighing twice as much as some of the adults. She raised the browse line another foot just by herself!

Blue was not on the balds our first summer but she quickly became the lead goat, a position she still holds at least over short distances - over longer distances her ponderous magnificence simply slows her down.

Blue Shoe was one of the three goats who wore a bell on the mountain this year. A close up of the bell is shown below.

Blue's Bell