Adopt a Goat

One of the more popular ways of supporting the Baatany Goat Project is to adopt one of our goats. You may adopt one for a month, the summer, or the entire year. Doing so gives you the opportunity to name the goat, and you will receive a color photo of your goat, a lock of its hair, and a certificate of adoption.

Please be sure to include which number goat you would like to adopt, and the name you would like to bestow on that goat. The place to do this will appear on the second PayPal screen, where you are asked to CONFIRM your donation. Click to open the box that says "Number of Goat & Name"

Any questions or problems, please contact us at

To donate via check/US Mail, please see this page.

To adopt a goat for:
  • One Month: $20
  • For the Summer: $50
  • For the Year: $100

Please click the PayPal button that corresponds with your choice of length of adoption (note that you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay this way).

Note that you will be taken to the PayPal site of FRIENDS OF ROAN MOUNTAIN.   Friends of Roan is a 403(b) non-profit organization, meaning your donation is tax deductible. Friends of Roan Mountain supports the Baatany Goat Project, and all donations will go towards the Baatany Goats on the Roan Project.