Welcome to the Baatany Project

The purpose of the volunteer-based Baatany Goat Project is to restore Grassy Bald corridors on Roan Mountain's western balds using goats as an experimental management tool. Roan's Grassy Balds are important habitats for many rare and endemic species such as Gray's Lily as well as species at or near the southern ends of their ranges. The western balds are thought to be naturally occurring, predating European settlement. These ecosystems have declined in quality and quantity, and the Project's thesis is that use of grazing animals such as goats, will restore the plant diversity and growth on these balds. Please see our SCIENCE page for information on the results of the past 5 years of goat grazing.

Objectives and Methods

Goats selectively browse invading woody plants. Canada Blackberry is a primary invasive, and one of the plants the goats especially love to eat. These goats are an Angora breed, raised for fiber rather than meat. They are also more tolerant of the high elevation conditions (5700-6100ft) found on Roan Mountain.


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Photo Credit: Brenda J. Wiley

Our project has quite a family of goats that you can meet here on this website. We invite you to read about each goat, meet the Great Pyrenees who are their watchdogs, meet the people who are part of this effort, and learn about the science behind this project.

This project is completely volunteer based ... funded completely by donations and grants. Please see our DONATIONS page if you are interested in adopting a goat or a dog.