Goat #709

Goat #709

Goat #709 (female) was born in 2009 to Goat #1002, who is Goat #89's twin sister.

Her mom died on February 22, 2012 from old age.

#709 still has her baby horn tips while the rest of her horns have thickened to adult proportions. We hope her adult mohair quality stays as fine as her mom's and her aunt's and that she passes this quality along to any kids she might have.

Gentle and social in nature but not too shy with people, she likes to be in on the excitement as long as it isn't too rowdy.

During the 5th Annual Herding of the Goats onto the Balds in 2012, #709 and #215 got separated from the herd on the steep climb up Jane Bald and took off into the rhododendron and were on walkabout for 4 days. Luckily they were close to the first paddock. The first weekend goatherds, Claire & Sadie, with the help of their parents Christine & Geof, managed to get #709 into the paddock on Sunday June 24. #215 showed up later that day, also wanting to be let into the paddock.