Goat #230

Goat #230

Goat #230 (female) is one of Trudy's Virginia goats so we don't know her age.

She is the best all-around champion: friendly and outgoing, fine hair for an adult, strong frame and constitution, voracious and insatiable, few hoof or parasite problems, and gave birth to 2 sets of twins in 2009 & 2010. She is a happy moaner (when eating, chewing cud, nursing kids, lying in the sun).

If all the goats performed as well as #230 then they'd browse an extra few acres each summer!

Her stout horns and frame allow her to compete with the other goats, including Blue. When they start their head banging, it looks a lot like mountain goat battles on a National Geographic TV special.

For 2014, she is now in the "retired" category, and is living on Todd's farm year-round.