Goat #229 - Granny Goat

Goat #229

Goat #229 - Granny Goat, is one of Trudy's Virginia goats so we don't know her age.

She is the the best athlete of the original 2008 goats, occasionally seen walking upright on her hind legs while reaching for the tender tasties out of reach of most of the other goats.

Goats #229 and 212
She gave birth to #610 (female) in 2010, and #610 gave birth to #212 in 2012; all 3 generations were on the balds in 2012 (Granny Goat with her granddaughter #212 shown in photo to the right -- click photo for larger image).

On Thursday August 23, 2012, Granny Goat was on her side unable to get up, with symptoms of bloating. I made her comfortable (tarp for shade, water and food within reach). Todd came out Friday and did his magic (baking soda, vegetable oil, abdominal massage) and gave instructions to Lucinda & Craig (weekend goatherds) who did such a good job that Granny Goat was up and about with the herd when I came back the following Sunday.

During the 2012 Herding of the Goats off the Balds on September 12 (the smoothest herding off the balds so far), Blue got the herd started up the trail but, due to her ponderous magnificence, didn't have the stamina to go all the way. Granny Goat, fully recovered, took the lead and held it all the way to Carvers Gap.