Goat #1513, Güzel

Goat #1513

Güzel, goat #1513 (female). Our new goat for 2014 is a young lady who started out as a milk goat much the way Blue did.

She is still integrating herself into the Angora goat herd which, unfortunately for her, usually means starting out at the bottom of the pecking order.

She has been handled little and is a bit flighty but not known for causing trouble or being contrary.

Guzel at play

She is however, quite inquisitive. The picture above shows her atop a tarp that Todd and Jamey had put up to provide a temporary shelter for the goats the night before they went up to Roan in June. She decided this was a great way to play "King of the Hill." Apparently a moment or two later, she body surfed down the tarp! Click the image for a larger, full size one showing the whole scene!!

She was born in 2013 and is a hybrid goat with an Angora father. On her mother's side she is mostly Saanen and part of the "Tater Tot" line which dates back to 2001 when 2 feral Saanen goats, Tater and her daughter Spud, were captured by Todd and Jamey at Tater Hill Bald, North Carolina, where they had enjoyed fine free-range dining on some very rare plants. Now a few generations later, we are delighted that a Tater Tot is once again browsing on a bald but under more controlled conditions.